Professional Cameras

Mounts and accessories for professional and broadcast cameras.

Super Clamp With Ratchet...

Regular price £20.83 -£6.00 Price £14.83

The Super Clamp that has thousands of uses. No camera bag should be without one! The Super Clamp holds just about everything: cameras, lights, umbrellas, hooks, shelves, plate glass, cross bars, even other Super Clamps! And they hold these items to just about everything:

D-Tap P-Tap To 4 Way...

Price £16.66

Fed up of using one battery for each part on your camera? Use this heavy duty moulded cable to split a single d-tap / p-tap socket to 4 female sockets. 

5pc Camera Screw Adapter Kit

Price £5.83

An essential 'Bag of bits'! Convert from and to all types of camera mounts, this really is a get out of jail set that deserves to be in every photographer's kit bag!

3 in 1 Exposure / Balance...

Price £4.99

Great accessory to produce excellent pictures by providing precise exposure and white balance temperatures and black balance level reference points for your post processing.