Tripods & Heads

Tripods & Heads for compact and DSLR cameras

PROtastic YT-500 Remote...

Price £62.49

FEATURES: Comes with a smartphone holder that can be horizontally and vertically installed on the pan tilt head. Can be placed on the table or installed to the tripod via the bottom 1/4" screw hole. Perfect for self shooting video operators and reported in front of the camera - operate and frame your camera accurately while in front of the lens. 

PROtastic YT-260 Remote...

Price £45.83

Features: YT-260 pan tilt is designed for action cameras, wifi camera, mobile phones and other camcorders with the weight under 260g. Together with the camera remote you can take photos and videos on your mobile phone or action camera, and the pan tilt can help the camera to find the object. 

Mini Tripod

Price £4.16

Compact mini tripod that easily and discretely slips into your pocket. Great for action cameras or phone photography.

Mini Tripod With Ball Head

Price £8.32

Compact ballhead tripod that folds small and easily slips into your camera bag. Push to release ballhead for precision framing, simply release the button to lock the ballhead.