Tools for compact and DSLR cameras

3 in 1 Exposure / Balance...

Price £4.99

Great accessory to produce excellent pictures by providing precise exposure and white balance temperatures and black balance level reference points for your post processing.

EMF Meter - Great For Ghost...

Price £16.66

In day-to-day use, electromagnetic field (EMF) meters are used to diagnose problems with electrical wiring and power lines. As used on TV Ghost Hunting shows!

Photographers' Finger...

Price £16.66

Shooting in an extreme, cold environment? Wearing gloves but finding it difficult to control your camera? So were we, so we designed 'Photographer's Gloves'!

Camera Locking Waist Belt...

Price £8.33

From hip to hands in a flash, this unique product will change the way you carry your camera, give you full mobility and use of both hands while your camera is secured around your waist in the holster.