Spares & Parts

Spares & Parts for action cameras (GoPro Hero, Xiaomi, SJCAM etc.)

GoPro Risers (Set Of 3)

Price £8.33

Want to raise your camera off it's mount? But each GoPro extension twists the camera by 90°. So you had to use 2 extensions which made it unstable... No more! 

5pc Camera Screw Adapter Kit

Price £5.83

An essential 'Bag of bits'! Convert from and to all types of camera mounts, this really is a get out of jail set that deserves to be in every photographer's kit bag!

Waterproof Dive Housing...

Price £10.83

Ultra durable and waterproof to 50 metres (164 feet), our Waterproof Dive Housing is designed for deep sea diving and watersports.

3 in 1 Exposure / Balance...

Price £4.99

Great accessory to produce excellent pictures by providing precise exposure and white balance temperatures and black balance level reference points for your post processing.